Click & Collect Shops


76% of online shoppers would be using Click & Collect services by the end of 2017

What is Click & Collect Shops?

We place product pages on the Internet for EACH of your retail stores.
Customers using mobile phones that search for your products can see a map from their current location to your store and reserve products and be directed to come to your store increasing your sales.

How it works?

This is an additional marketing channel to find your products, reserve online and pickup at your store.

1 Search Online
2 Reserve Online
3 Pay & Collect in Store
Smartphones Pictures running Click & Collect Shops

61% of shoppers that used Click & Collect, purchased additional items while in store for pickup

Get the most out of Click & Collect Shops!

Increase Business to your Retail Store

Increase SEO and Internet Visibility

Increase the Opportunity to Upsell

Customers can Easily Re-Order

Click & Collect Shops Features

Click and Collect can be setup within a week

Works with Retailers with no Ecommerce

Can be optionally added to your existing Retailer Website

Allows you to control your store’s pickup dates, times and business hours

It's available as an easy to use SaaS Service

EACH of your Retail stores will have Product Pages for better SEO

What you get?

Simulation of Mobile App

A mobile app that at least one person on your staff uses to be notified of new orders

Access to view orders reserved online

What you need to do to use our service?

Import your products

Update prices weekly

Update store hours monthly

What you need to do in your store?

Have at least 1 staff person per shift run our Retail Click and Collect Manager App

Have your staff respond to click and collect notifications by packing products into a bag and labeling it with the customers First Name, Last Initial and Order #

Create an area of your store near the checkouts that either lets customers self-pick up their bags or have a customer service desk provide them

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